QB2 David Carr... he's done
RB2 David Wilson must play and re-sign Andre Brown cheap
WR tender 1 year to Victor Cruz
TE re-sign M. Bennett and Pascoe
T Draft first round pick + re-sign Beatty (cut Diehl) don't re-sign Locklear... groom Mosley and McCants
G Draft a guard in round 5 and re-sign Boothe
DE let osi go... draft round 2
DT let bernard and rogers go
ILB re-sign Blackburn
OLB draft round 3
CB draft round 4 cut Terrell Thomas
FS re-sign K. Phillips and Stevie Brown
K re-sign Tynes

do we have the cap?

round 1 = T
round 2 = DE
round 3 = OLB
round 4 = CB
round 5 = G
round 6 = QB
round 7 = best available

Am I blind?