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    Tailgating - NO game

    My brother and I are flying into NYC for the giants game and we are foolishly renting a car. With that said, i was thinking of getting to the stadium early to avoid as much traffic as possible. Was hoping we could join our fellow GMEN for some tailgating. If you are one that believe the more the merrier, please drop me a line.

    Thank You

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    Don't forget to pick-up a Parking Pass!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet-Blue View Post
    Don't forget to pick-up a Parking Pass!
    We have a game day experience package we won through a fund raising charity.
    It includes parking passes in lot M, seats in the coach club section, on field passes pre-game, meet and greet with the giants broadcasters and access to the post game conference. should be alot of fun and excited. Turns out we have to be there at 3 and after going out to the 40/40 last night, we probably wont get there much earlier than that.



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