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    This loss is on Coughlin

    I donít blame the defense. Yes they gave up 207 yards on the ground, but the Redskins offence is amazingly deceptive. The Giants DE havenít quite got the part about outside contain. Which also brings up this point, Osi is useless except when playing GB, he always seems to strip sack Rodgers.

    The offense is more responsible for the outcome. The play calling by the ďbestĒ OC is usually the worst in the redzone. Bennet should have been in every single play when we were inside the 30 yard line. He was open the whole game. We never throw slants, and we have very few timed throws. The only one that comes to mind is the back shoulder throw to Nicks. Although I do like the addition of the pistol, at least it is a unique formation.

    The reason I blame Coughlin for the loss is our last drive. That was mind boggling After the horse collar penalty, we were on our 43 yard line with just under 5 minutes to play. At that point I would have told killdrive that this is 4 down territory, and call plays accordingly. The redskins only had 1 three and out the whole game out of 8 drives. That Is 12.5%. The chance of our offence getting 10 yards in 4 plays has to be greater than 12.5%. He should have called the Stupid screen pass on first down, not on 3 and 20. Our last drive should have been the last drive of the game.

    I think we are going 10 and 6 and winning the 6th wild card spot. I donít see us winning out not because we are playing any unbeatable teams, but because we are the Giants. I donít see Washington losing another game. They are playing Baltimore, which does not have the same defense, Cleveland, Philadelphia (the best team in our division), and lastly Dallas (the most clutch team in our division, always figuring out a way to win.)

    I do still think we are going to the Superbowl. As a 6th seed we will play GB, Osi Time, than we will go to Atlanta, beat them handily, and finally beat San Fran, who does have the linebackers and most importantly speed to contain RGIII and beat the redskins. That is how bad and disappointed I feel, I think we need San Fran to beat the team we can't, like last year with New Orleans.

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    they def made some odd play calling on the last two drives.....either coaches or Eli...
    the SDkins have the 31 ranked pass D and they run the ball 4 out of the last 6 plays.....
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