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    I pity you guys (Giants Fans)

    Redskins Fan Here.

    I'm not here to talk smack about yesterdays game. All I have to say is blame the refs as you will, but big blue couldn't be stopped if they would have passed the ball. Our pass D is absolutely HORRIBLE. Good game nevertheless.

    I've been through the likes of Jason Campbell, Donovan, Fat Albert, Adam Archuleta, JOHN BECK, Sexy Rexy, Shaun Suisham, Graham gaNO.

    I've seen the Redskins attempt their swinging gate, have a Monday night massacre against Philly and just outright suck in every way, shape and form.

    But through all the suckage I've been able to sit back and reflect on the glory days. The hogs. Darrell Green. Art Monk. Charles Mann.

    I've silently browsed these (along with the Eagles and Cowboys) forums for a while, and I've noticed one sad thing. Many of you are entirely OBLIVIOUS. You bash your team, your players and your coach non-stop. You've won two superbowls with this group and are the defending champs, yet many of you claim that you're "Done".

    All I came here to say was, and without trying to be an antogonist, ENJOY THE GLORY DAYS. Giant's football is very much alive. You guys always start sucking this time of year and then BAM, Superbowl.

    There will be times in the future, I PROMISE, that you will feel like the biggest jackass for bashing this team. Wake up and be good fans. It's embarassing. Obviously this doesn't apply to everybody.

    Sure, your co-owner Mara is a POS - but I felt it my duty to remind you guys that one day you will return to the cellar of the NFC east (just like every team does eventually) and will look back on these days fondly. Enjoy them.

    A fan who has seen A LOT
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