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Thread: I pity you guys (Giants Fans)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    He was a Redskins fan, imagine that.
    .......is this where we say "it takes one to know one?"
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Redskins fans are like cicadas.....

    They only come out once every 13 years or so....they make a lot of noise and then die. Rinse and repeat.

    I guess this was the time for infestation.

    Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustSayin View Post
    Redskins Fan Here.

    I'm not here to talk smack about yesterdays game. All I have to say is blame the refs as you will, but big blue couldn't be stopped if they would have passed the ball. Our pass D is absolutely HORRIBLE. Good game nevertheless.

    I've been through the likes of Jason Campbell, Donovan, Fat Albert, Adam Archuleta, JOHN BECK, Sexy Rexy, Shaun Suisham, Graham gaNO.

    I've seen the Redskins attempt their swinging gate, have a Monday night massacre against Philly and just outright suck in every way, shape and form.

    But through all the suckage I've been able to sit back and reflect on the glory days. The hogs. Darrell Green. Art Monk. Charles Mann.

    I've silently browsed these (along with the Eagles and Cowboys) forums for a while, and I've noticed one sad thing. Many of you are entirely OBLIVIOUS. You bash your team, your players and your coach non-stop. You've won two superbowls with this group and are the defending champs, yet many of you claim that you're "Done".

    All I came here to say was, and without trying to be an antogonist, ENJOY THE GLORY DAYS. Giant's football is very much alive. You guys always start sucking this time of year and then BAM, Superbowl.

    There will be times in the future, I PROMISE, that you will feel like the biggest jackass for bashing this team. Wake up and be good fans. It's embarassing. Obviously this doesn't apply to everybody.

    Sure, your co-owner Mara is a POS - but I felt it my duty to remind you guys that one day you will return to the cellar of the NFC east (just like every team does eventually) and will look back on these days fondly. Enjoy them.

    A fan who has seen A LOT
    I actually totally agree with you - except for the Mara comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    It's a Catholic thing lol

    You must have stashed all of your out of production Twinkies
    Yeah there is a folklore legend down there that John Mara has some influence on league rules..........aside from that he made a lot of sense

    I can compartmetalize that part

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morehead State View Post
    We have one of the best owners in pro sports.

    Other than that, your point is well taken.
    +1. I'll take our owners over everyone else's. Snyder's an ***...always has been and always will. One of the reasons why the NFL is as great as it is is because of owners like the Mara's and Tisch's and nothing to do with owners like Snyder. The fine that Snyder and Jones got hit with was well deserved because they're two wise-*****. While Mara and Kraft worked on settling things with the union, your POS owner and Jones were doing what they could to give their teams unfair advantages that every other owner agreed not to do. They couldn't give two farts about the NFL, but just about their own teams. If you've seen A LOT, then you may want to start paying attention to who the POS owners are, who the good owners are, and who the respected-leader owners are like Mara.

    We get upset at our team because we feel that they have the talent to be a consistent force year in and year out over the past 5 years, but that they don't play up to their potential.

    There's a chance that the Giants will be at the bottom of the division one day because it's impossible to stay up or near top every year, but then again with the quality of our ownership, our front office, and our coaches that may not necessarily be the case. The Steelers and Pats are a superior team year in and year out, so there's a good chance that the Giants will be as well. For like the next 20 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustnSayin View Post
    You missed the point. I don't pity you because you will one day suck. I pity you because a majority of your fans are ignorant that they are watching some of the best Giant's football they'll ever see in their lifetime. And chances are, when they're stuck in a funk of mediocrity, they'll only wish they could return to the days of these "horrible" Tom Coughlin teams with these scrubs Osi, Tuck etc..
    Still, no need for pity. I guess that is stating the obvious with every fan base, It seems that you are judging by these message boards so of course there are plenty of annoying whiny fickle ignorant posters, but by no means represent the majority of the Giants fan base (like you said). We are actually very knowledgeable about the game and definitely appreciate our team, which is not immune to criticism anyway. There is no need for a Redskin fan to post on a Giant message board and essentially call the majority of fans ignorant and our owner a POS. By the way, I have witnessed all 5 of the Giants Super bowls in my lifetime, and I would bet there will be more. So don't get your hopes up that we will be in the cellar anytime soon and with all due respect, you don't know what you are talking about.
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