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I think the Giants did well against RGIII, but what killed late in the game was that we kept biting on the play fakes and couldn't stop the run. What disappointed me late in the game when we couldnt stop the run and never adjusted. We hardly blitzed, which I thought should been done more to disrupt the backfield. The Skins defense had a couple of good passes defended but otherwise hardly put any pressure on Eli who missed Giants offense missed a couple of big passes that would have been game breakers. We beat ourselves, not the RGIII or the skins. I wouldn't get disheartened though.
Giants should have gone with a healthy dose of run blitzes. Granted, that opens things up in the passing lanes, and he'd hit plays.....but damn, the Skins just ripped off running plays in 8 yard clips.....I'd rather take my chances with the ball in the air then defending 2nd and 2 pretty much all game.