This whole team turned in a horrible performance. First the coaching staff did not have this team, ready to play 60 minutes: the entire team slept thru the second half. Six other teams beat this team, including the GIANTS! The offense had 5 oportunites and got 1 TD and 3 FG's: Eli missed some critical throws, the WR's had drops, and once again kildrive tries to fit a round peg in a square hole. The skins are 31st in the league against WR's, throw the damn ball, or we'll send for Buddy again! They were giving us bennett all night long but we stopped throwing to him...WHY??? IDIOT. The coaching again losses the game. We never had the opportunity the skins tried to give us. Our O line is horrible and whats worse is DD is a starter again!!! And the D well, not for nothin' but you guys kept The skins in check the first half why did you all lay down like dogs and accept this loss, what punks. We need real DT's not an overpriced 3-4 DE acting like a 4-3 DT; he gets mugged in the middle. We need LB's professional LB's not Chase Blackburn type LB's. The stage of our LB's is told by having a blackburnas our MLB. Yes, he has heart but little else. It doesn't work on a play by play basis. They can't get off blocks and can't cover Backs or TE's. So what do they do? Another year, they figure out Bob like they figured out the wildcat and poof, Its time to be a real QB. This taem has more issues than Bob!