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You know one of the biggest reasons why i defend the coaches? Anytime its obvious that Eli kills the play at the line and switches it to a run, i always immediately click the game day thread which i always have bookmarked. And guess what the first comments are? "HEHEH OMFG GILBRIDE SUCKS HE RUNS RUNS RUNS LMFAO HEHAHA DUUH."On a 3rd and 5 i remember nicks running his route 2 yards short of the first down. Guess what the first comments were toward that play? "HEHAHE OMFG KILLDIVE RUNS A PLAY SHORT OF THE FIRST DOWN HE SUCKS LMFAO EHEHAHAAH." We run the ball twice setting up a 3rd and short (4 yards to go or less), and all of a sudden "WTF RUN RUN RUN HEHEHE KILDRIVE."Watch next weeks game carefully if you dont believe me. No one here will know for a fact since none of us actually have the play book, but on some of these plays you can see its obvious the play was changed. Eli will change a few plays at the line and if it doesnt go well everyone is going to blame Gilbrde. What gets me is the fact that eli can change the play to a run or pass depending on what he sees in the defense. Ill even PM you when it happens. Watch. Its come to the point where you get the feeling its just a bunch of 10 year olds watching the game. Thats why i cant help but to keep defending the coaching. Even if i dont agree with some of the calls.Well said. I understand if they cant get a pass rush on RG3 because of contain issues. But they along with the defense played soft vs the run. Canty was the only one who imo held his own. I kept saying to myself, why not just hit rg3 on every play even if you know the RB has the ball?I 100% agree with the OP. We controlled the time of possession and did a very good job of running the football. People dont realize that bradshaw had 24 carries for 103 yards and averaged 4.3 yards a carry. We just couldnt execute. This loss in mainly on the offense. The defense played solid in the first half ill give you that, but to think the defense played good the whole game is a joke. The defense played bad also. Isn't that what rolle was pretty much implying after the game?
I dont always blame the coaches. But if you think its strictly execution then there's a problem. Yes Washingtons defense was playing okay, but we were playing better in the 1st half. Guess what Washington did in the 2nd half? They adjusted to our scheme and we did not to theres. Penalties hurt as well. How do you go from completely dominant in the 1st half to horrible in the 2nd? As a matter of fact, how do you go from scoring 38 points against Green Bay to only 16 now? We go through this every year under Coughlin minus 2008. He's a terrific coach, a terrific person, but he has a hard time adjusting. I'm not calling for him to be fired but it's the truth.