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Where the Giants D failed was in allowing Griffin to convert First Downs time after time dude...... what they held him to only distorts the picture, giving the Defensive play a false look of success! Holding teams on third down has been the Defense's bugaboo all season.Eli was 20/33 for 280 with a TD and zero INT's.....where are all these errant passes people are talking about?Cruz had a 100 yds receiving.....Bradshaw 100 yds rushing....the numbers of the game, and our eyes tell the story of what was to blame for this loss.........Gilbrides playcalling, penalties, and the D allowing the Redskins to convert first downs.Look at the game again and count how many times Gilbride called for the delayed draw up the middle for no gain when Eli was having a good throwing day. Don't tell me it wasn't the playcalling that takes a lions share of the blame here, because it most definitely does!
The first time they had the ball they made one first down and then punted. The next time they had he ball they scored a TD on a fluke play. The next time they had the ball they punted. Then they had a drive down to the Giants 13 yard line and had to settle for a field goal. The second half started with a Giants punt and then the defense forced a turnover. Then Washington had a nice drive for a TD. The next time they had the ball they punted again. I'm not seeing where the Washington offense was having their way with the Giants defense. As for play calling, he coached where not called for a single penalty and hey didn't over grow a pass.