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Burner you are so wrong it's not even funny. I think RG3 is great but he is only making his first read throws. Even Trent Dilfer said that RG3 isn't good at going through his progressions and making changes at the LOS. It's pretty easy to complete passes when the safeties drop in the box and play the run the whole night and the secondary is in zone to keep an eye on Griffen. That leaves huge holes in the defense. The only throws that I see RG3 make constantly are the deep post, slant, and dump off screen. I NEVER see him make seam throws with tight coverage or deep comeback routes with coverage. The fact is when they are down by 2 scores RG3 cannot bring them back cause he will always think he can make plays with his feet instead of going through his reads and making tough throws....but we get it RG3 cannot do no wrong he has the NFL figured out.
I noticed RG3 missed a lot of open guys the other night. As he gets more experience he will get better at looking through his reads. But you make a good point. He's not there yet. There is a lot of potential though.