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    Quote Originally Posted by bigblue58 View Post
    Where the Giants D failed was in allowing Griffin to convert First Downs time after time dude...... what they held him to only distorts the picture, giving the Defensive play a false look of success! Holding teams on third down has been the Defense's bugaboo all season.Eli was 20/33 for 280 with a TD and zero INT's.....where are all these errant passes people are talking about?Cruz had a 100 yds receiving.....Bradshaw 100 yds rushing....the numbers of the game, and our eyes tell the story of what was to blame for this loss.........Gilbrides playcalling, penalties, and the D allowing the Redskins to convert first downs.Look at the game again and count how many times Gilbride called for the delayed draw up the middle for no gain when Eli was having a good throwing day. Don't tell me it wasn't the playcalling that takes a lions share of the blame here, because it most definitely does!
    The first time they had the ball they made one first down and then punted. The next time they had he ball they scored a TD on a fluke play. The next time they had the ball they punted. Then they had a drive down to the Giants 13 yard line and had to settle for a field goal. The second half started with a Giants punt and then the defense forced a turnover. Then Washington had a nice drive for a TD. The next time they had the ball they punted again. I'm not seeing where the Washington offense was having their way with the Giants defense. As for play calling, he coached where not called for a single penalty and hey didn't over grow a pass.

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    what everybody seems to be over-looking is the fact that the Washington gameplan
    was ALSO to run the clock down and make it a short running attack ball control game.
    their coaching staff did not want a shootout because of their 31st ranked pass defense would
    get lit up by Eli and company.
    they know we have a defense that sucks against the run....an underweight D-line and high school LBers.

    they passed 21 times and ran 31 times. their plan was a short game
    whereas they usually throw it 32 times (average).
    that would LIMIT THE NUMBER OF POSSESSIONS for Eli , and ball control to have a chance of winning.
    they did not want a shootout.

    we came out in the 2nd half and fell right into their trap. they wanted that kind of game .

    we were totally wrong in our approach. we should have thrown 50 times .

    out- coached again.
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    This is like the cut vs uncut debate, everyone arguing because they are mad, anger is simply displaced onto two different things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TickleMeEli View Post
    This is like the cut vs uncut debate, everyone arguing because they are mad, anger is simply displaced onto two different things.
    well , i hear venting is healthier than letting the blood pressure build up.
    we gotta stay healthy..... i don't wanna lose my spot to the "next fan up"....ha-ha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    We should have, they completely took away the run. Good job for them, we should have aired it out more, maybe not 70 yards down the field but short passing having the defense on their heels.
    Bradshaw ran for 103 yards. They did NOT completely take away the run.
    "Too stupid to understand PFF!!!".......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morehead State View Post
    Bradshaw ran for 103 yards. They did NOT completely take away the run.
    of course they did not...
    but watch the game-clock...
    tick-tock and tick-tock...
    and Bradshaw up the middle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morehead State View Post
    Bradshaw ran for 103 yards. They did NOT completely take away the run.
    In the 2nd half they did.
    So Rude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvelousmik View Post
    this brings me back to my original point. instead of running the ball on 2nd and 7, eli has the ability to see if the defense is taking away the run. He can easily audible to a short pass. The fact that he kept sticking with the run on 2nd down tells me the defense didnt do much differently in the second half. Eli is smarter than that.
    he has the ability to audible into the ONE pass play given as an audible for that formation. he cant suddenly go "formation shift into empty back set 5 wide and run 'x' play. we kept coming out in heavy set formations where we are realy only gonna pass from a PA and maybe some back shoulder fades. its not like people imagine where eli can call any pass play. he's given 2 or 3 plays from KG and eli can choose between those given plays presnap.
    i have always felt eli should have the ability to call the offense at the LOS but that means a no huddle type offense and i guess our staff hasnt yet realized u can go no huddle and still burn the game clock, all theyd need to do is watch peyton for a series...
    but back to my point, in those heavy set run formations, elis gonna have to see a blatant opening to check into a pass play. the i formation isnt what ud wanna attack certain defensive looks thru the air.
    yes i know we pass out of the i formation and other run formations quite often actually, im refering to the mon night game and just the audibles in general, eli is still limited to KG's playcalling with the audibles bc KG is the one given eli the plays he can check into

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    and the run game looked nothing like it did in the 1rst half. it was working the first half, the 2nd half, 5 yd runs suddenly became our best runs when in the 1rst we were getting solid chunks.
    just an awful taste in my mouth. i felt we completely dominated them in every way that 1rst half except one, the score...smh

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBomb View Post
    In hindsight....the way the Giants beat Griffen is to air it out and outscore them.
    I would think the self-proclaimed "Best There Is" would have studied the Redskins pathetic pass defense and come to the same conclusion.

    Maybe he thought a wide open all day Bennett was some sort of trick the Skins were trying to pull on him.......he was too smart to fall for it, though.

    Maybe it's just a Redskins thing....I remember a few years back, Gilbride trotted out a gameplan that called for Eli Manning to pass over 40 times against the Redskins......in 40+ mph swirling winds at the Meadowlands. Shockingly, that didn't work out too well.

    I guarantee you that Killdrive is going to make the equally pathetic Saints Defense look like the Steel Curtain for a day, too.

    Nobody can veer away from an opponent's weakness like Gilbride.

    So yeah, the penalties were the biggest problem.....but Gilbride did nothing to help his team overcome them.

    Granted RG3 only scored 17 points.....but Fewell's timid approach didn't help either.

    I'd think going into this game that the Giants would focus on shutting down the Redskins rushing attack and forcing RG3 to get into a passing shootout with Eli. Given how porous the Redskins pass defense is, I'd like the chances of Eli Manning outpassing RG3.

    But, that's not how both coordinators approached this game.

    Crap sandwich gameplans + numerous penalties = Super Bowl Champs losing to a weaker opponent.
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