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Well, I definitely wouldn't be feeling negative if we had beaten the skins because the div would have basically been wrapped up. Don't get me wrong -- I wouldn't be surprised if we beat the Ravens and Falcons, but I'm just not "feeling it." The Saints? I'll believe that we can beat them when we actually do. And the Eagles, as poor as they've played, will be looking to give Reid a nice sendoff against their main rival who they always beat.

I believe in this team when they believe in themselves. I think they've got the talent, experience, and coaching to repeat.
I hear ya. Before the Skins game, I thought if the Gmen win to get to 8-4 and then win out and the Falcons trip up, they have a shot at the number 1 seed. Oh well. Seems they like making things difficult for themselves.

Haven't thought about the Andy Reid sayonara game. I always tell people 3 truisms about NY sports. 1 - Mets can't beat the Braves. 2- Knicks can't beat the Bulls (with Jordan) and 3 - Eagles always embarrass the Giants. I remember Herman Edwards and the Fumble (I was 13) and we all saw DeSean Jackson a couple of seasons ago.

I still believe the Saints game will tell us which way this season will go.