The up-and-down nature of this team is unique in the NFL, and is frustrating as a fan, but here's my two cents:

1. the fact that we're doing this well without a real running game for the last few years is simply amazing. AMAZING. They know we're going to pass, they don't respect our run, and we still put up more than our fair share of points.

2. the red zone struggles are a direct result of not being able to run the ball IMHO. If i'm a DC, why defend the run or respect a handoff if you're playing the Giants? Sure if we're on the 1 we can get in, but on the 15? a front 7 can stop our rushing attack easy and there's no room to pass at all on a 25 yard field. Other teams without a decent rushing attack (GB, NE) either have a mobile QB or have TEs that cause massive matchup problems. We don't have those players and no one has to respect our run.

3. This defense was built on a massive 4 man pass rush, and coverage in the back end that would the turnover advantage of that passrush. For whatever reason, the passrush has been overestimated, and the LBers and secondary weren't put together with the idea that they'd be shouldering more of the defensive load.

4. Fans continue to think of this Washington team as a 'bottom half of the NFL' type of squad. Well, stop it. They're not, and they've quickly replaced both the Eagles and Cowboys as our biggest threat in the division. Wait till they get their passrushers back.

5. This is evidence that the Tom Coughlin way of playing football still gets lost on this squad. This team gets away from what they should be doing (execution, smart football, ball security, disipline) and we lose. String a few of those together and they start listening again to the boring yet incredibley effective mantra this team preaches.