The schedule works out in the Redskins favor so much it's depressing. We really needed that win yesterday...

Giants (7-5)

Saints L
@Falcons L
@Ravens W/L
Eagles W

Season Ending Best: 9-7, Division 3-3
Season Ending Worst: 8-8, Division 3-3

Redskins (6-6)

Ravens W/L
@Browns W
@Eagles W
Cowboys W/L

Season Ending Best: 10-6, Division 5-1
Season Ending Worse: 8-8, Division 4-2

Cowboys (6-6)

@Bengals W/L
Steelers L
Saints W
@Redskins W/L

Season Ending Best: 9-7, DIvision 4-2
Season Ending Worse: 7-9, Divsion 3-3