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Hey man, I definitely hope you are right!

1. True
2. Diehl wasn't AS much the liability he is this year. But yes, he was bad in an important position
3. Not really. Turner was ok and they really weren't using Rogers like they have this season. He is their future and they know it
4. Webster has significantly digressed this season. I don't think anyone can debate that

ADDITION: We are playing them IN ATLANTA
I'm fine with objective predictions, even if they go against us. But the notion of "guaranteed losses" is what bugs me. There are no such things with our team. We can beat anybody (and soundly) and we've shown that this season.

As for Atlanta...we've won the last 4 meetings against them, twice in their place.

And look at it this way. If we had a few less penalties on Monday we'd be 8-4 and we'd all be talking about running the table. Lets all just calm down here.