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    Quote Originally Posted by rtr1105 View Post
    I'm talking about when his name comes up. He's good, but he still has his flaws.
    Hes got flaws? Shucks. I was realy expecting him to be a the perfect football machine.....I guess I should cancel my order for a Joseph jersey. ..

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    He's been playing great. He's still a very young player too. He has the physical tools already. Keep adding experience and he'll keep getting better.

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    Linvall Joseph is playing excellent, the only problem is that we do not have much depth at that position. Reese thought it was a brilliant idea to bring in a washed-up obese Shaun Rogers, a rookie in Kuhn, and a Marvin Austin who just got off his couch in 3 years. Wow what amazing depth we had there, Reese really nailed it there. Plus we have Canty always battling offseason injuries. In fact Joseph has been so good, Reese should give Canty's salary to Joseph. But Reese don't know who to manage this team, we'll probably lose Joseph like we lost Cofield.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtr1105 View Post
    I'm not hating on him, nor am I saying he's bad, but the way he's talked about on here you'd think he was the Fat Jesus. I understand he draws the double team most of the time, and he's been pretty effective at times in the pass rush. But he seems to have a hard time shedding blockers. He'll get blocked and an RB will run right by him and he won't disengage fast enough to make the stop. One positive is though that he doesn't give up on the play. Even when the ball carrier gets passed the defensive front, he chases the guy down and occasionally makes a nice tackle. Once again, I'm not calling him bad. I'm just saying he's a bit overrated, at least on these boards. Feel free to prove me wrong, as I am not a world renowned football scout. This is just my observation.
    I hear you, but I still rather have him in than Rocky Bernard. I think Bernard is done. He hasn't played well against the run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycisgreat View Post
    I hear you, but I still rather have him in than Rocky Bernard. I think Bernard is done. He hasn't played well against the run.
    Rocky is decent for a third guy. Linval isn't bad, he's just not what some people make him out to be. Linval just needs some improvement in run defense. He's got all of the other tools.

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    Joseph has been our best DT by far this year. That being said, the others haven't played very well. Canty has his bright spots but seems to get beat more often than shine and doesn't really play up to his huge contract in my opinion. As has been stated by a few other posters on this thread, remember that we have virtually NO depth at DT on this team, especially since Kuhn (a 7th round draft pick VERY raw rookie who has been getting a TON of playing time) has been out. If a player is still being talked about highly at this extremely unerrated position under these circumstances then he must have a good amount of talent. I personally love the guy and think he is our 2nd best D-lineman behind JPP.

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