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I am not gonna lie that i am a little worried about the 49ers. The seahwaks and 49ers are some of the toughest team i have ever seen. even though seahwakls won by one point but still tghey are really heavyweight fighters. 49ers with kapernick are different than the one you guys faced with smith. Also their defense is world class and absloute elite class.

see i am not delusional. I will give credit to teams where i see consistent excellence. if you have the misfortune of playing these titans you will seriously question your self esteeem. they ahve already stolen your shot IMO. Again your early defeat of 49ers are not updated. Their defense is monstrous and getting hotter.

I think we will over 49ers but it will take immense effort and every ounce of planning ,execution and skill we have. I don't mention "luck" because we never seem to have it ....we have to struggle and work week in and week out for our victories and that's why they taste so effing goodin the end !

but i hope lady luck also shines on us because it's about damn time for the true champions to hold the trophy. The true kings of the nfl have not held what is theirs in a long time. other teams got the trophy but they were not champions just 'come and go".
Man you are one of the most illiterate and stupid posters I have ever read. Representing your team very well.