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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucke View Post
    lol. I see the morons are out in full force......
    HA! Your less scared of us than you were in 2007 when you went 18-1? You had the top 5 defense back then. Brady was the mvp. Your defense is pathetic compared to that now. Kevin Kolb and Russel Wilson killed your defense. And Brady isn't winning the mvp now. That honor will go to Adrian Peterson.

    What weapons do you have? Gronk? Injured.

    Hernandez? Not the same after injury.

    Welker? Getting old.

    You got a bunch of rookie recievers and the easiest division ever. You'll be killed by the broncos and steelers.

    How are we in a slump? We blew out the 49ers, packers, panthers, and saints.

    Who have you beat? A rebuilding broncos team that was still trying to get used to manning. And the most overrated AFC team ever in the texans(by the way blowing out the texans isn't that great anymore since the packers did the exact same thing and they acutally did it better than you).
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