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Thread: My thoughts....

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    Held them to 17 and only scored16, that tells me Defense was not the problem. The offense and special teams were the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yo-ho View Post
    Held them to 17 and only scored16, that tells me Defense was not the problem. The offense and special teams were the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliscruzzz View Post
    I'm sorry but the defense was God awful the reason why they didn't put up more point is because the offense won the TOP....
    We won the TOP yet came away with only field goals as per usual so who's fault is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luni View Post
    Like any other normal team we would face.... the redskins were not throwing it down the field much at all. All quick stuff, and option runs, and that was it.

    I think we lost this one on Defense mainly. Defense could not defend their style of run. The Giants Offense did okay, Giants offense controlled the clock for most of the time. But we could not defend crap. and it was disturbing.

    I made me mad how osi could not catch rg3. but i also so him stop pause and then chase him.

    It made me so angry, i threw the remote at the tv. I knew when we punted back to them with 3 minutes left in the 4th. we werent getting the ball back...

    We better hope we get J. Williams back and some other force ... Were getting a much faster offense this week in the saints. It's gonna be tough. Just hope with brees he will be back in that pocket a lot longer. and we can have our DEs actually do something.

    P.S. i have been unable to listen and watch sports radio, or sports center because of this loss. listening to RG3 praise is making me so angry.

    Hope the Giants can bounce back and make a run. Rolle was right... we need to get angry and justin tuck praising him during the game.. makes me sad.. tuck has lost a lot. i think.
    sorry Bro....if the Giants won I would say the D gave up too much but the reality is the D gace up 17 points. The Skins pass D is ranked 31st in the league. The Giants scored 13 first half points and only 3 second half points. The offenense lost this game....cut and dried....
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