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    RGIII wasn't the problem, Alfred Morris was

    The ONLY reason we couldn't tee off on RGIII last night (outside from Osi, Tuck, Joseph, and JPP sucking) was because Alfred freaking Morris could not me stopped.

    The commentators went on rants about how "amazing" RGIIIs play actions were, but they didn't have to be, the Giants would have respected the run if I was handing off to Morris. Two games against us and he alone has over 300 yards. That's awful and the real reason we didn't win the game. If we were able to force RGIII to pass it's a different ball game.

    Lets not forget RGIII's "MAGICAL" fumble for a TD that got John Gruden wet.

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    I agree Bob didn't do **** in that game, we just couldn't stop the run

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    Alfred Morris is a tank of a RB...can't believe he was a 6th rounder...

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    I agree ... Alfred Morris should be the one that's being pimped all over the place, not RGIII. I saw us stacking the box last night and AM still would run for 4-10 yards a clip.

    I never saw him tackled at the spot of first contact once.

    While the first inclination would be to rant and rave about our lack of tackling prowess, I don't think that was the case ... I think the kid is that good. Having said that Shannahan has been turning no-name running backs into stars for years now with his zone-block running scheme. I think he has an awesome fit to that scheme with AM, and that makes RGIII's life SOOOOOO much easier.

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    The refs were a bigger problem.

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    Eh, they all kind of feed off of each other. The fact that RG3 can run to either side, turn the edge, and make huge gains with his legs opens up things for Morris between the OL in that zone scheme. He wouldn't be over 1000 yards in the majority of other NFL schemes since only a few other QBs are so threatening to a defense like RG3 is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMW View Post
    The refs were a bigger problem.
    Enough with the ref BS ... we got a couple of phantom calls ourselves (i.e. offensive pass interference by Paulson, offsetting personal fouls in the fumble scrum, etc ...).

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    So I guess you did not see RG3 get a first down on 1st and 10 after running for 7 yds? I guess that happens every game, my bad what am I thinking it's no big deal that the refs threw a flag every time the giants got something going.

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    We lost all forms of contain of RG3 from that option which opened up the hesitation and room for Morris. The dude is a monster but I think with a standard pocket QB, you wouldn't get those play action runs that he gets with RG3

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    The fact that Marvin Austin is a bust is also a problem.......and the fact that we can't find a stud LB in the draft or free agency.
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