Make a list. I chose 11 because of the number of guys on the field. Feel free to add any notes or thoughts to it. I'm just curious to see what you guys think.

1) Jason Pierre-Paul-DE JPP has been very solid in all aspects. He struggled a bit against Washington the other night, but other than that he is solid.
2) Prince Amukamara-CB The second year guy may be the most valuable defensive player this year for us. At a thin corner position, he stepped and has provided great coverage for us. One area for improvement though would be tackling.j
3) Steve Brown-S This one was a tough choice. But I chose Stevie because of his game changing plays this year. I noticed him struggling in pass coverage often, but not many guys have stood out. He gets this spot because of his playmaking ability which we have seen.
4) Michael Boley-OLB Boley has been good against the run, although he seems to always have a hard time covering TEs. I like him better at his natural position of weakside as he has more ground to cover against the run and doesn't get matched up against tight ends. He's played both sides of the field this year.
5) Antrel Rolle-S Rolle has shown versatility this year. Playing at both safety spots as well as at nickel corner. He is good against the run and could blow up a play in the backfield. In pass coverage, I like him better in the zone playing closer to the box (i.e. SS, nickelback).
6) Chase Blackburn-MLB Blackburn has been a great story. His leadership and passion are unparalleled by most. He's used his instincts to make some big plays, but he hasn't been consistently making all of his tackles.
7) Linval Joseph-DT Linval is very strong and takes on the double team most of the time. He hustles to make a play even when it gets past the front seven and into the safeties. He's been good in the pass rush as well. My one concern with him is his run defense.
8) Justin Tuck-DE Tuck has struggled more often than not this year. But there have been a few games, mostly recently, where he's looked like the old Tuck in the pass rush.
9) Chris Canty-DT I know Canty missed most of the first half of the year, but I've liked his play since he was activated from the PUP list. He's always a force in the pass rush and he's a good run defender. He's also one of the more athletic guys at the DT positions.
10) Corey Webster-CB Webster is definitely going downhill. He's given up a lot of receptions and seems to be reacting slow every time a receiver makes a cut or a double move on him. At this point, I prefer him in zone coverage so he doesn't have to follow a man step for step down the field.
11) Osi Umenyiora-DE Early in the year, Osi was anemic. He had no pass rush, and always looked confused out there. But there have been those games where he's come alive. But Osi's struggles definitely outweigh his good performances.

Honorable mentions- Mathias Kiwanuka, Markus Kuhn, Kenny Phillips