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Thread: Rank your Top 11 defensive guys for us so far this year

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    JPP, Blackburn, Brown....THATS IT!!!

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    1. Giants offense when they keep them off the field
    2. Weatherford's leg for field position
    3. JPP (and he's still been a disappointment)
    4. Boley
    5. Canty (made a difference in the few games he's played)
    6. Blackburn
    7. Brown
    8. The waterboy who hustles to bring them water during TV timeouts after they have been on the field for a 20 play drive
    9. Kiwi (will probably end up with more sacks than Osi and Tuck combined and plays about 5 plays a game at DE
    10. Dez Bryant for his pinky falling out of bounds in the endzone so we didn't try to crusify our defense
    11. Santana Moss (fumbled the ball to end the first game vs. the skins because you know our defense wasn't going to hold.

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