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    its the size of the fight in the dog,,,, we all know this. Lets turn that dog on and go, so sick of this "soft" nonsense, it should never be a problem in the first place (this is the NFL for crying out loud)

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    Yeah right. I wouldn't call a defense that the way they looked against my Packers.

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    Giants D, especially Tuck..need to reach down & see if they still have their cojones with the way they have been playing D for most of the season & slobbering all over a rookie QB.

    They shoulda been slobber-knocking RG3 Monday nite instead of slobbering all over him. You wanna see a buncha mean, hard hitting Giants playing D the way it should be played..check out the 86' - 90' Giants D! Watch the 2 hits they laid on Montana in the 87' divisional rd & 90' NFCCG! KOed the f&^8 outta him!

    This current D needs to sit down & watch film on those 2 defenses! If the D can play half as good as those 86' & 90' defenses the rest of the yr, the SB is ours!

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