Antonio Pierce was dead on in a recent statement:

“I’ve played with a lot of great defensive coordinators and it was always ‘Attack, attack, attack!’ You swing first and ask questions later. You hit them and make them adjust. The Giants have got to get back to that. When you start losing your swagger, that’s when you start getting pushed around."

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I've called out Fewell numerous times for being a coward and playing prevent defense when the strength of the Giants is to attack. I don't mean the whole team blitz the QB, but get someone in the QB's face. Let the opposing offense know, our defense is in charge - make them adjust.

We played timid and I'm afraid with this Fewell we will never be a dominant shut down defense we are capable of. Fewell makes cowards out of his players and I wonder if the recent comments by Tuck and Osi regarding RG3 is the feminization of players in the Fewell system.