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This! right here is the reason why, I felt the giants draft room panicked and took wilson when tampa interveined. I am not blaming reese, or saying I can do a better job or know more than anyone, but its evident for what the giants use their RB's for and how we utilize them Martin was clearly ahead on the boards. Reese and co. panicked thinking that there was going to be a run on RB's in the early second round and that the drop off was going to be steep after wilson. Vick ballard would of worked okay in this offense I believe, Alfred moris as well. Whats done is done, I agree before we can crucify the kid he needs more attempts to better evaluate his role in this offense, I have said many times that if they don't let him block for eli ever y now and then, teams are going to smell run and stack the box every time he is in. A simple play action fake with wilson in the back field would throw the redskins safties off so badly both nick and cruz would blow the top of the coverage down field before they realize its a fake. Spolied milk just forget about it. The saints sunday!Now back to the draft section for me.
As much as I love and trust Reese, I honestly thought it was a panic pick at the time as well. I felt better knowing Randall was a potential pick at that spot too bc, if true, we essentially got 2 of our first round choices (albeit though luck or happenstance, but so is the draft anyhow).