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Thread: One problem about David Wilson

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainierjef View Post
    This! right here is the reason why, I felt the giants draft room panicked and took wilson when tampa interveined. I am not blaming reese, or saying I can do a better job or know more than anyone, but its evident for what the giants use their RB's for and how we utilize them Martin was clearly ahead on the boards. Reese and co. panicked thinking that there was going to be a run on RB's in the early second round and that the drop off was going to be steep after wilson. Vick ballard would of worked okay in this offense I believe, Alfred moris as well. Whats done is done, I agree before we can crucify the kid he needs more attempts to better evaluate his role in this offense, I have said many times that if they don't let him block for eli ever y now and then, teams are going to smell run and stack the box every time he is in. A simple play action fake with wilson in the back field would throw the redskins safties off so badly both nick and cruz would blow the top of the coverage down field before they realize its a fake. Spolied milk just forget about it. The saints sunday!Now back to the draft section for me.
    As much as I love and trust Reese, I honestly thought it was a panic pick at the time as well. I felt better knowing Randall was a potential pick at that spot too bc, if true, we essentially got 2 of our first round choices (albeit though luck or happenstance, but so is the draft anyhow).

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    Quote Originally Posted by dezzzR View Post
    "David Wilson is on pace to shatter the total Kickoff Return Yardage in a season for the New York Giants. He is 97 yards behind Domenik Hixon's total of 1191 yards in 2009."not bad for a wasted first round pick.
    A first round pick on a kick returner. Talk about value. And yes I'm being sarcastic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladder27 View Post
    Roanoke, I think this is a post anyone with some brains should just stay out of. the man got 4 carries and hes garbage. These people are turning into Zombies.. Same old sky is falling this person sucks the team blows. BLUH BLUH BLUH. You can tell who the true Giant fans are.
    They're disappointed and need to vent and it's easy to attack the very people we recently praised. None of us has the answers but we all want the team to play better when they lay an egg. It's just frustration.
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    The Pass Protection excuse is tired and done, i don't believe it, and will never believe it, regardless of what the coaches 'See' in practice, are you going to call Hynoski a liar as well? because he said Wilson is getting it,

    how many times has he been on pass protection? ZERO, i've seen Bradshaw miss blocks, i've seen Bradshaw run into his own line, i've seen Bradshaw fumble more than Wilson,

    i wont follow blindly because the 'Giants Coaches' said something, they are far, far from perfect, and far from 'Elite Coaches' regardless of how many rings,

    that being said,

    4 carries, 4 carries that are shoddy blocked inside tackle runs, where is any creativity in running plays? where are the stretch plays? outside tackles? counters? where is the trap blocking? where is the pulling? where is springing to the outside?

    he had one toss, that garnered 5 yards,

    there comes a point when stubbornness will destroy you and the team,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmurda1984 View Post
    Nice pick up Reese, what a joke this guy is. Lol was Kregg Lumpkin out there...We are going to miss Andre Brown. This kid sucks, he has no vision and only has straight line speed, he got no lateral quickness and allows guys like London Fletcher to cut him off. Thanks Reese! We could of had Doug Martin.
    It's way to early to say this kid is a bust.

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    He has barely played and if our OC would design better plays with him in there. Seriously people wake the F*** up if you think he su**s from four worthless carries than go watch college hockey because this aint the sport for you. Every defense coorinator knows he hasnt run blocked at all this season so whn he comes in its predictable it will be a run. Why you giys think he was stuff three times. If Kg would throw a screen once in a blue moon or a play action with him therr it will switch tjings up. We are beyond prefitable offense wise and Lumpkin was in the game last night to block.

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    The point is. If you're wasting a first round pick on a rb then you beret be damn sure he's going to make a huge impact day 1.

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    wow.....all you "scouts and talent evaluators" take the panties from between your butt checks and stop whining already...
    Kid has had not much to go on yet. I like how so many of you have him all figured out at this point...

    Yeah Jerry Reese sucks too.....please....shut up already....
    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
    You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmen0820 View Post
    I don't understand how our coaching staff is using him. I really don't even know why we drafted him anymore. I think he'd be a monster in the making almost anywhere else.
    yup. agreed. hate how we use him so rarely and when we do, the d KNOWS its a run play and ALL tee off on the run...no PA yet with wilson that i can recall...

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