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you should be less impressed with the coaching staffs use of wilson,,they are not playing to his strengths,,,,we need to use him like Philly uses shady,,,screen passes and more misdirection,,let him use his speed and elusiveness in the open field..this kid is not a hand it off up the middle guy, plain and simple. plus 4 carries? I dont care who is evaluating him, you can not evaluate on such a microscopic body of work. this kid will be tiki barber 2.0 when it is all said and done..I can feel it.
And that goes back to an earlier point I've made before: If the coaching staff isn't utilizing him properly because he doesn't fit our scheme, then why did we feel the need to draft Wilson with our 1st when we could of taken someone else and then drafted another RB later on who fit the NYG scheme? Considering we find great success (and lots of other teams as well) with later round backs, it was an unusual draft move by Reese.

Also, I'm going off of what we've seen him do in VT combined with his time here in NY and that's a big enough sample size to in fact say that his vision is not what you desire out of a 1st round selection. It can be fixed though but the question is when will he get it?