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You asked for facts and I gave them...

and after looking through the Giants' #1 picks' rookie seasons, Wilson still sticks out:

Through the same period:
Prince Amukamara:
7 games / 0 starts 1 interception 3 passes defended 12 tackles / 2 assists
Jason Pierre-Paul:
16 games / 0 starts 4.5 sacks 6 passes defended 2 forced fumbles 17 tackles/ 5 assists
Hakeem Nicks:
14 games / 6 starts 47 receptions 790 yards 6 touchdowns
Kenny Phillips:
16 games / 3 starts 1 interception 50 tackles / 7 assists
Aaron Ross:
15 games / 9 starts 1.5 sacks 3 interceptions / 1 touchdown 35 tackles / 7 assists
Mathias Kiwanuka
16 games / 9 starts 4 sacks 2 interceptions 2 forced fumbles 44 tackles / 9 assists
Corey Webster:
15 games / 2 starts 5 passes defended 2 forced fumbles 38 tackles / 1 assist
Eli Manning:
9 games / 7 starts 197 attempts 1043 yards 6 touchdowns
Obviously there are still four games remaining so this could very well change, but as it stands, Wilson is the first #1 pick of this current group to be used so sparingly.

It's not about being unhappy, it's just confusing. Why draft a guy if you aren't going to use him?

My last post on this issue. Every player develops at a different pace. People seem to think that running back is the least difficult position on the team to transition to. However, the coaching staff has indicated that it's more than running the ball and further that David has more to learn. He is being tutored by Hynoski on making pre-snap reads and picking up blitzes.

Historically, we draft players to develop them. It's not a new concept. It has been going on since 1979 when George Young became the first real GM in Giants' history. Fast forward to Jerry Reese and his now famous "I don't do sexy" referring to his draft and FA acquisitions. WE want our draft picks to start right away, that's just not an expectation the organization has. It's hard to argue that their philosophy sucks when it's been successful most of the time. We've come to call it "next man up" in recent times.

Wilson's time to shine at RB will come, he's been entrusted with returning kicks (at which he excels) which for some reason people on here see as a second class citizen role. He's not in the dog house, he's not better than Bradshaw at this moment in time, and he is poised to have to take over the #1 role when and if Bradshaw's feet or neck flare up.