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I used to work in a jail setting and it is amazing how many drunk drivers there are out there no matter if they are aware of the possible consequences.

I am not going to lie and not say I have never driven drunk. In my early military days I did..and was very lucky not to have hurt either myself or someone else. But, I wised up after a scare where my buddy lost his license and driving privileges on base after running off a base road. We were lucky that was the only penalty.

I think people think they are either 1) invincible or 2) never think it will happen to them. It's a tragedy but the accountability and failing belongs to everyone...most of all to the player that lacked poor judgement and made the decision to get behind the wheel.

The guy has to live with the fact that he was responsible for the death of his friend, but that is of little consequence since a young man lost his life and his family lost a son, brother, father, etc. This is sad and should serve as a wake up.

And, as much as I hate the Cowboys this is something that transcends a simple game. I hate the Cowbiys as a rival, but never wish to see something bad happen to any human being.
Very good post.