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Believe me buddy, this ol Jarhead don't feel sympathy for no drunk driver that gets behind the wheel & takes a life, be he or she my mother/father brother/sister/cousin best friend..whatever! You do the crime, you do the time! Same goes for people that are life long smokers/dippers/alcoholics & die of any sort of self inflicted cancer or drug related illness due to their filthy addiction! Sucks to be them!

That the Cowboys organization has yet to suspend this rat filth & is actually defending him tells me all I need to know about them as well. Also not disciplining Ratliff for mouthing off to & almost coming to blows with a senior citizen who is also the owner of the team makes the Cowboys organization even more of a joke to me.

No accountability or responsibility is required to be a Dallas Cowboy!

How's the view up there?

The guy who was killed had just as much a part in losing his life than the guy who was driving. It could of been either of them driving and the outcome could have been the same. He must of been a real idiot to get in a car with a guy he knew was drunk, but since he died, his life was "taken" and he is innocent according to you. I feel bad the guy lost his life, but he is in the same boat the other guy is, it's just that he paid the ultimate price and Brent has to live with this for the rest of his life.

I'm glad you have never made a mistake in your life and that if your Mother ever called you crying hysterically in jail in the same situation you would simply reply, "Sucks to be you, Ma!"