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    I still can't figure out our team

    I can't figure this team out at all this year- or previous years for that matter - They have the talent and should have improved with experience - especially the secondary and LB's - ESPN says they don't seem to want to take the Divsion - so they are picking the Iggles or Cowpies to take it

    Ifwe don't make a strong showing the next two games on both sides of the ball it will be finally time to clean house

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    Re: I still can't figure out our team

    At this point, who can blame ESPN for thinking that? As far as the LB corps, I DON"T think they "have the talent" there. I think that's just a position that Reese has failed to address and prioritize. We've got a rookie we drafted in what, the 7th round out there as a starter, and 6'7" Kiwi dropping back into coverage because we have no one else to do it. The LB's are as much as disaster on paper as they've been in reality.
    It's the secondary that's puzzling. A collection of 1st and 2nd round draft picks, and a high priced FA in Rolle... and they can't stop the opposition from passing all over them like they're not even on the field??

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    Re: I still can't figure out our team

    You, me and everyone else.

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