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Clay Matthews is the best defender on a weak defense while a healthy Nicks makes this offense one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL a year ago. Its not even in the close...Nicks should have a solid contract.

Victor Cruz should not be playing at league minimum, the guy continues to shine.

So even though Kenny Phillips is the best deep cover safety we should let him walk because of a degenerative knee condition, I seen several athlete play with that condition. But its ok, To sign Terrell Thomas to a big contract after he tore his ACL 3 times in the last 4 years? Yea that makes real good sense.

Ross wasnt an ironman but he plays way more than Thomas. What an awful move.

Shiancoe was a back up but there was rumblings that Shockey was not going to be here much longer....you have to remember Shockey was frustrated with this offense and a struggling Eli.

By playing hardball with Bradshaw we almost had Snelling from the Falcons as our starting running back. We were lucky that the Saints released Reggie Bush, and the Dolphins was a dumb enough franchise to choose Bush over Bradshaw.

But It was smart to give Diehl and Baas monster contracts and then restructure it one year later. Canty's contract was ridiculous...what did he ever do in Dallas to get that much money....that is a slap in the face to JPP, Kiwi, Tuck, and Osi.

And we almost lost Blackburn, Reese finally swallowed his pride knowing that he messed up on Greg Jones and Herzlich.
How can Reese "mess up" on a guy he signed as an undrafted free agent?? Just trying to follow your logic.