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Thread: OSI ????

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    OSI ????

    What gives with this guy? Is he really hurt, or is he dogging it because his contract did not get done?

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    Re: OSI ????

    even though he is upset about his contract, I am sure he would like to be out there right now. Those high ankle sprains seem to take 4-6 weeks to come back from. Hopefully we can win in his absense so that he will be able to come back and contribute this season.

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    Re: OSI ????

    [quote user="Antone78"]Hopefully we can win in his absense so that he will be able to come back and contribute this season.[/quote]

    Just in case you weren't aware.....this season could be over this week or next.

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    Re: OSI ????

    I used to love the guy...but the way he has handled this "contract" situation has made me hate him. He can and should be on the field right now. He's abandoning his brothers in the heat of battle because he wants to re-nig on a 3 year deal. He has an "ankle sprain"...and Coughlin refuses to talk about it. It's obvious he's holding out to p*&^ off Reese and company because he wasnt able to be traded and or get a new deal. He has really hurt out d-line down the stretch. He needs to LEAVE!!!

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    Re: OSI ????

    I'd love for him to do a Willis Reed tomorrow. wouldn't that be cool! []
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Re: OSI ????

    Ya need more question marks. Calling Mr. Manure? last call forMr. Horseymanure???????????????????????????????????

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