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    I Like How The Giants Are Starting Play Better @ Home

    This Is Exactly What The Giants Need To Do, Hopefully They Keep This Up.
    New York Giants Superbowl XXI, XXV, XLII, XLVI Champions!!!!!

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    I like the road warrior name we got but also love winning home games. How bout we just win them all, all the time!

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    Yes I love them winning at hone too.We already know this team can win on the road. Us fans desreve it.

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    I agree Antwuan. We have some exceptional players on the team. If they could GEL a bit more, we could easily make a run again this season.

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    I can't afford to go to games, but I'm glad they are starting to bring it home to those who shell out the big bucks.

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    I think the reason the Giants won was because the stadium wasn't at full capacity as the game went along due to the weather.

    Less fans, better play.
    For a Giant fan that I personally knew: My mom. May she smile and be delighted whenever her favorite player - Victor Cruz - scores a touchdown and does his salsa dance.

    Thank you mom for everything! Let's Go Giants!

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