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Thread: I fully expect a win against Atlanta

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJC7301 View Post
    The Falcs are a legitmate team, but they've also had an easy schedule. They beat the Broncos in the 2nd week of this year at home (before Peyton was in sync with his own offense and Denver has rattled 8 wins in a row), and the skins in DC (but that was before the skins were really gelling, IMO). Other than that, they've haven't played, let alone beat, anyone of notoriety. They've also beaten challenging teams like the boys and Bucs, but no Pats, no 49ers, no GB, no Bears, no Ravens, no Texans, no Seattle and then they play the Giants this week. This will be the 1st top notch team they've played in a loooonnng time.

    The Falcs schedule is below. I'm looking forward to playing in the dome. We've got a fast track offense as well that should put up big #'s in Atlanta...

    1 Sun, Sep 9 @Kansas City W40-24 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    2 Mon, Sep 17 vsDenver W27-21 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    3 Sun, Sep 23 @San Diego W27-3 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    4 Sun, Sep 30 vsCarolina W30-28 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    5 Sun, Oct 7 @Washington W24-17 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    6 Sun, Oct 14 vsOakland W23-20 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    7 BYE WEEK
    8 Sun, Oct 28 @Philadelphia W30-17 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    9 Sun, Nov 4 vsDallas W19-13 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    10 Sun, Nov 11 @New Orleans L31-27 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    11 Sun, Nov 18 vsArizona W23-19 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    12 Sun, Nov 25 @Tampa Bay W24-23 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    13 Thu, Nov 29 vsNew Orleans W23-13 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    14 Sun, Dec 9 @Carolina L30-20 Box Score | Play-By-Play
    15 Sun, Dec 16 vsNew York 1:00 PM FOX 1,322 Tickets Available
    16 Sat, Dec 22 @Detroit 8:30 PM 7,166 Tickets Available
    17 Sun, Dec 30 vsTampa Bay 1:00 PM FOX 2,959 Tickets Available
    Broncos & Giants are the only Elite teams on this schedule. Hopefully the Giants win on Sunday.
    New York Giants Superbowl XXI, XXV, XLII, XLVI Champions!!!!!

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    Actually, if we win the NFCE, I wouldn't mind seeing Wash/Dallas in the WC rd at home. Would love to send them home 1 & done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parademon View Post
    Actually, if we win the NFCE, I wouldn't mind seeing Wash/Dallas in the WC rd at home. Would love to send them home 1 & done!
    Be careful what you wish for. We have more to lose than them. I bet they will gladly return the favor.

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    i just wish they weren't coming off a bad loss to Carolina

    the NFL is such a bounce back league

    add to that the revenge factor, we embarrassed them in the playoffs

    having said that, we are the better team, but they have found a knack for pulling games out even when they don't play well

    huge game, go G-Men !!!!
    Apologize to Melo 5

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    Is anyone on here going to the game? I'll be sitting in section 138 (30 yard line), 5 rows up, behind the giants bench

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    Giants should no have problem beating the Falcons. Matt Ryan will bring the vaseline in preparation for the pounding he is about to take. I only hope our offense can muster up some points this time. Rise Up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    yep....I am sure Ryan will be putting the ball up at least 25 to 30 times.....
    giants back's are against the wall and we always play well exp against good team when our backs are against the wall giants win and they win big

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    9-0-1 record///// invited to play in tiny mite bowl and beat the team we tied in regular season
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    Maybe so, but I'd still love to not only win the NFCE again, but then if one of them got in as the WC, & face us the following week at Met life, we would tear them up! We ratchet it up another level come playoff time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parademon View Post
    Actually, if we win the NFCE, I wouldn't mind seeing Wash/Dallas in the WC rd at home. Would love to send them home 1 & done!
    Just make the playoffs -- I don't care who we play.

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    sf also had their 'revenge game' and it fell to crap.. we need to win and hopefully distance ourselves.. we need to get to that eagles game with the division all wrapped up..

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