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Thread: I fully expect a win against Atlanta

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    The Falcons themselves aren't as much of the problem as the likely loss of Prince being anywhere near full speed and the front four keeping trend and not being very effective. If they can't get pressure on Matt Ryan then the likelihood that Hosley gets smoked for several big plays is high. At that point it will be up to the offense to win a shoot out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rEaS View Post
    sf also had their 'revenge game' and it fell to crap.. we need to win and hopefully distance ourselves.. we need to get to that eagles game with the division all wrapped up..
    The Giants would be best off if they went into that Eagles game having to win and then to keep momentum into the playoffs. They lay eggs after having things "wrapped up."

    I couldn't stand, back in '08, giving that Vikings game away (last game of the year) when we had the # 1 seed wrapped up. Took the starters out in the 2nd half, lost the game, had a buy, and then got trounced by the Eagles.

    No rest for this team is what is best for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PETEY006 View Post
    this is ATL's revenge game for what happened last year in the playoffs
    we're 2-0 against teams we faced in the playoffs last year. I'm expecting a win too tho it is hard to play in the Georgia Dome with all that noise
    What happened to the 49ers revenge game? or Green Bay's revenge game? Expecting another blow out Sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiIdcat View Post
    What happened to the 49ers revenge game? or Green Bay's revenge game? Expecting another blow out Sunday.
    great point


    2015 season tbd

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    With RG-3 hurting and the distractions in Dallas,If we can get to the Philthy game with the Div wraped up already,I would rest everyone for a fresh playoff push,Opinions?

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    I'm incredibly worried about Julio Jones and Roddy White. I think we can contain their ground game because it really isn't strong. If we cannot get to Ryan, he will pick the secondary apart.

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    The next three games are playoff games in my opinion. We can't hope that the Redskins & Cowboys will lose the next two. Just keep winning and we punch a ticket into the playoffs. This team plays their best ball when everything is on the line.

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    they def havent been winning handily vs inferior opponents, but neither have we. that said, I think we should dominate them. they still have the same issues from last year when we killed them; no pass rush really, and ryan will force passes that arent there and gets timid vs an inspired d
    then u gotta consider that theyve already clinched homefield with the 2 or 1 seed virtually. they just need 1 more win to get 2nd seed imo. but they will also know theyll play us in the playoffs most likely and wont want to show us their full arsenal.dont think they'll be able to match intensity and physicality wit us

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    Well, why would we show them our full arsenal of tricks if we're gonna meet in the playoffs? Atl is gonna give us their all cuz they have to prove that their 11-2 record is not due to their soft schedule & that their 24-2 beatdown at our hands last yr in the WC game was a fluke. As long as we bring our A game, it'll be more than enough to trump their A game in spades!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJC7301 View Post
    I agree. I think that the Giants are the best team in the league when they want to be. Their A game will defeat any other team's A game.

    I was more worried about the Saints than I am the Falcs (I was surprised we won yesterday). We've played well so far this year against the teams that we beat in last year's playoffs -- 2-0 against the 49ers (in SF) and GB (at MetLife). The Falcs are well rounded and sound, but the Giants just have a higher ceiling IMO.

    Even though Atlanta is 11-2 and want revenge for last years embarrassing loss, I'd be surprised if the Giants lost this one.
    True +1 ^^

    It all depends which Giants show up !.........Lets hope it's the one that beat, SF, GB & NO...........
    no time for mistakes.
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