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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    This would be a great game for Eli to get it together. Not saying he played is worst game yesterday, but he was off. Last week too. This would be a great game for him to have a complete game. No mistakes and accurate passes. It would also be a beat game for the pass rush to click.
    If anything, I want this team to play disciplined football.

    Last two games, how many drives were stalled because of some boneheaded penalty?
    For a Giant fan that I personally knew: My mom. May she smile and be delighted whenever her favorite player - Victor Cruz - scores a touchdown and does his salsa dance.

    Thank you mom for everything! Let's Go Giants!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    All games left are winnable games, but they are also losable. Who knows what team shows up each week. The Saints-Packers-49ers Giants? Or the Cincy-Philly-Wash Giants?
    +1. I hate to sound like I'm not giving credit to other teams, but I feel like the Giants are the best team in the NFL are done in more by themselves than their opponents. I wouldn't be shocked by a loss, of course, because the Falcs are good, but I think that the Giants match up very well against them and are the better team.

    Looking ahead to Baltimore, Baltimore's not a very impressive team either, stats wise. They're middle of the pack on passing yards, rushing yards (which I was surprised because they have Rice), as well as pass D and rush D. We SHOULD win out, but it depends on which team shows up. And also if we can keep injuries limited. Hopefully Phillips can come back, and that Nicks can continue to play.

    Good to see J. Williams back on the field. Makes me feel more at ease. One of my new favorite players.

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    If the Giants can stuff the run game like they did last year Matt Ryan will buckle. I'm just worried about Webby, hopefully he holds up against Rodey and Julio.

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    It's all on the Giants to show up, not let up...

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    As of 12-9-12:

    The Falcons have played the NFL's easiest schedule to date by far (.389). (Sando)

    4th in Passing Offense - 282.9 Yards Per Game
    16th in Opponents Passing Offense - 234.9 YPG
    28th in Rushing Offense - 86.9 YPG
    23rd in Opponents Rushing Offense - 127 YPG

    8th in Points Per Game - 25.9
    6th in Points Per Game Against - 19.9
    8th in Yards Per Game - 376.2
    20th in Yards Per Game Against - 361.9

    20th in sacks - 28

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    What is the Giants strength of schedule thus far?

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    Still, they are 11-2 and 6-0 at home. This won't be easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    Still, they are 11-2 and 6-0 at home. This won't be easy.
    SF is undefeated at home too... oh wait.

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    Great post JJC7301! I've been saying this about Atl since mid season when they were 8-0.

    Their 11-2 record is a direct result of a very generous & soft schedule! And even with that soft schedule, asides from the 40-24 beating vs the mighty 2-10 Chiefs back on opening day and beating SD 27-3 & Philly 30-17, they have barely squeeked by some very bad to mediocre teams!

    Beat Carolina 30-28
    Beat Oak 23-20
    Beat Dallas 19-13
    Beat Az 23-19
    Beat TB 24-23
    Beat NO 23-13

    What team have they beaten this yr that has made people go "Wow" the Falcons are an awesome SB contender! None IMO. If they had beaten Denver last week instead of in week 2, that statement could have been made.

    IMO, this game vs the defending champs is their most important game in yrs. If they beat us & beat us soundly, this will be their statemnet game. This will make a believer out of all the skeptics such as me, that the Atl Falcons are the real deal & not just a product of their weak schedule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    What is the Giants strength of schedule thus far?
    We are tied for the 6th toughest schedule in the NFL for 2012, and had the 8th toughest remaining BEFORE the Saints game.

    Redskins have the 24th toughest reamining (9th overall for 2012 season prior to this past weekend), Cowboys (10th) and Eagles (14th) have the 5th toughest in the NFL.


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