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Thread: If we loose 1-2 games

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    If we loose 1-2 games

    do we still have a chance at making the playoffs as a wild card??

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    If cowboys and skins lose 2 as well each, they play each other still means one will win at least another

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    . If they win 2 of 3 beating Eagles and Falcons and if Seahawks or Bears lose 1 game then the Giants are in

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    There's also the fact that the bears are skidding, and the top two WC hunters are the Cowboys and Skins (along with the vikings)... We actually have the same record as the bears, and they have to play the packers, cards (okay that's an easy win for them), and lions. We are also tied with Seattle, and they have the 49ers, Bills, and Rams on their plate. Vikings have 2 road games (one vs Houston) and have sucked this season when on the road, so I doubt they're going to be a threat...

    Basically, the only way we're out of the playoffs at this point is if we lose more games than 3 out of the following 5: Skins, Cowboys, Bears, Seahawks, and Vikings.

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    I think come Week 16, we'll be rooting for the Cowboys to win. I honestly don't believe they're going to win either game in Pittsburgh and New Orleans.
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    Thanks guys, I figured we might have some tie breakers I just wasn't exactly sure. It seems like a lot of teams are starting to come on right now. What do you guys think the match ups might be?

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    RG3 being hurt can really hurt them...and the cowboys still have romo so we should be ok

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    I think the Bears are going to lose next week and continue to decline, they haven't beaten a good team this season. The cowboys are the cowboys. The redskins still may be in the mix depending on RGIII. The team that I seen that's actually pretty good is Seattle.

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    RG3 may possibly return, his sprained knee came up okay

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