Most points scored in a single game since 1986 ... yowza!

1) Welcome to the NFL David Wilson (glad we didn't trade him huh?)! Broke the all purpose yardage and return yards records as well as being the first Giant since 1948 (!) to score a rushing TD and a kickoff return for a td. These are the flashes that great players show and I'm a firm believer in this kid.

2) Wasn't there a discussion around here not so long ago about guys like Brees (the supposed "real" elite QBs of the NFL) not having these kinds of let down games? Much less three in a row. Wait ... what do they call something like that ... a SLUMP?! Every QB gets em, no matter how great. Eli is elite! Nuff said.

3) Our elite QB has been off and on all year and this game was no exception. Some horrible throws book-ended around some great ones. In the end, he (usually) gets the job done and showed why his unflappability (real word?) is as annoying to opposing defenses as it is to fans sometimes.

4) David Diehl ... still has some gas in the tank. Players aren't great/suck ... there are shades of gray and DD definitely now fits into that gray area. I'm very glad to have him starting over Jim Cordle.

5) Our defensive line is still napping ... of course decent run games tend to do that to them. I think our big men need to go to a tackling seminar because good lord those hand slaps belong in a porn film, not an NFL game.

6) While I love David Wilson's break out, let's give it up for the Saints kick return coverage ... or lack thereof. Even Jernigan was able to get a big return on a pooch kick.

7) I have absolutely no faith in Perry Fewell's defense ... yet again. I hate the style, I hate the assignments, the lack of pressure and the lack of tightness in the secondary. Basically we're just waiting around for the opposing QB to throw us a gimme and if that doesn't happen, our defense holds the door open to the end zone. Blech!

8) Defensive bright spot ... Stevie Brown. I (jokingly) called him our Troy Polamalu in the past. I'm not joking now ... the kid can play!

9) Antrel Rolle is the most over rated, over hyped, over paid player on the Giants. He's the Michael Vick of the defense. One great highlight does not cover up 10 awful plays. He'd make a great WILL backer, but he's an awful Safety.

10) Our offense has become more and more vertical until we do not even look at the short and intermediate routes. As evidenced by the 3rd and 6 play from their 12 yard line last night, where Eli throws to Cruz who was double covered in the end zone (and this should have been a pick). Meanwhile, a wide-open Bennett (thanks to that double coverage on Cruz) was standing a yard short of the first down line with all the room in the world in front of him. Our offense NEEDS to develop a short passing game again.

Summary: Normally in a 50+ point game where we win, I'd be ecstatic and for the most part I am, however this game still left me feeling unsettled about my Giants. Our defense was porous, when it should have been smelling blood. Our offense, while mostly good still could have easily coughed up this game (2 interceptions and 2 others that SHOULD have been interceptions, including a red zone pick). While we didn't play bad, we didn't play 52 points worth of good either. Our offense needs more consistency and our defense needs to be more aggressive and all of that stems from coaching.

If we make it to the post season (still a big IF at this point sadly) we can look at games like this and the Packers and the 49ers game as the defining moments of the "true" 2012 Giants team. If we don't, we'll harken back to games like the Red Skins, Eagles and Bengals games where we didn't appear to really have our hearts in it. We've all seen this dance before and we've come out on the winning side of this dance quite often.

How will the 2012 dance end?