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Thread: Hynoski is a B-E-A-S-T!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmurda1984 View Post
    Its nice some1 realize Hynoski was out there. Hynoski has been an absolute beast opening up holes for these running backs. In the Saints game...Wilson was untouched going into the second level SEVERAL TIMES...and on Special Teams the blocking was exceptional.
    Maybe I'm just hallucinating, but it seems to me that the running game is more effective when Hynoski is leading blocking, v. Gilbride's beloved delayed draw.
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    I watched Hynoski play football since he was a little boy. I played for the same high school too. He was a beast them and still is 3rd on the PA rushing list. He rushed for over 400 yards in a playoff game once. Couch Roth instills great work ethic and preporation in Southern Columbia players. His success doesnt suprise me one bit!

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