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    Nicks and a 4th for Larry Fitzgerald. Would you do it????????

    I really feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald. When he has anything close to a QB, he is arguably the best WR in football. Nicks' time to cash in is coming up as well. I would do this trade in a heartbeat. Who else is down with this?
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    We couldnt afford to take on Larry Fitzgerald contract.....Nicks is playing on a rookie contract and we still are tight against the cap. This would not happen at all.

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    We would have to cut half our team to afford him.

    As much as I love Larry, Nicks is my guy
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    No....Larry is a beast but I like how Nicks fits our scheme. Plus it's just one of those things you would hate to see.
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    not a trade i would complain about except for the age difference maybe. also how would that work out considering fitzgerald would probably require/already has a huge contract as well?

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    The 4th round pick, not Nicks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliscruzzz View Post
    no Larry is a beast but I like how Nicks fits our scheme. Plus it's just one of those things you would hate to see.
    I agree with this statement.

    love Nicks as a Giant, hope we get to keep him one

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    Pretty much the contract as others have pointed out makes this impossible. Ashame to see him in that situation with the Cardinals.

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    Imagine Larry, Cruz, and Nicks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegiantsrule10 View Post
    Imagine Larry, Cruz, and Nicks.
    That trio would put every DC in the NFCE on suicide watch
    Teflon Tom is my idol.

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