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Thread: Dr says RG3 out for a few weeks at least

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    Okay guys I want you to reach down to your knee cap and on the outside of your knee away from the medial, feel the area between you thigh and your lower leg. that's the Lateral collateral ligament that connects your fibula to your femur. Any sprain to that is as detrimental, as an anterior/posterior injury. Its not as vascular as the Medial so blood flow to that area is limited, reducing the regenerative process. Since its an abduct injury (meaning away from the mid-line of the body) The body natural realignment process will be longer, as its using more resources to pull back into place rather than just realignment. The risks are
    further damage to the LCL
    potential damage to the ACL/ PCL/ MCL/ meniscus
    septic inflammation ( usually not an issue as antibiotics are standard procedure.) but noted
    crepitus which can lead to bone spurs, this is an extreme case.

    Truly stupid to let him come back into the game. Was not worth it in the long run. The difference between a well run organization and a desperate one I guess.

    Edit: LCL's are usually a 1-2 month Limited movement thing with therapy. Would be surprised if he is back on the field in a week or so, then I would question practice and how much or what Opioid's are they giving him.

    Edit: Just read its a grade 1, not severe. Minor pull or hairline tear. Still any hit to that area can make the injury worst, but he can play with it if it's wrapped up tight, but its not recommended. He will be extremely limited in what he can do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    ESPN does a segment where they ask an actual surgeon/physician related to a players injury to explain the status of said player.

    with rg3, he sprained his lcl. the dr was saying a few weeks at least, if he comes back and it isnt fully healed, his chances at acl/mcl injuries is dramatically worse as well as his hammy and quad being susceptible to popping. the dr said it very matter of factly based on a grade 1 lcl sprain and what he saw from how rg3 hurt it.

    huge blow to the 'skins. playing him early literally jeopardizes his career, if he were to tear his acl this late next year would be a waste and he still hasnt learned to read NFL defenses aside from the 1 read option bs they use.
    when shanny was explaining the injury i felt it was posturing. saying he might practice on Wed. lmfao the ESPN DR was making it seem like that would be the most idiotic move EVER to play RG3 before a few weeks rehab
    Did he see RG3's MRI if he didnt he cant make statements like tnat

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    good.. I hate that option BS

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbdynasty View Post
    i think if he doesnt play, the redskins are no longer a threat for the division. the cowboys still are
    With who they have to play against (Steelers, Saints in both their stadiums), I don't see the Cowboys winning either game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    Did he see RG3's MRI if he didnt he cant make statements like tnat
    Agreed...no point in assuming when you dont have all of the information.

    Besides, I would not count out Kirk Cousins. He was very good in college.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue wins View Post
    Agreed...no point in assuming when you dont have all of the information.<BR><BR>Besides, I would not count out Kirk Cousins. He was very good in college.
    <BR><BR>I agree. Also, it didn't seem like Cousins was a slouch either.&nbsp; At the end of the day, Washington can still run the ball down people's throats.

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    Any doctor who makes a " diagnosis " and or prediction without examining the actual individual is a charlatan or just doing it for the money and / or
    notoriety ! Ain't worth a fart in a whirlwind.

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    Wait, is this the same ESPN Doctor that said Eli would be out a month or two with his Lisfranc injury?
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    We can't lose Bradshaw if we are going to make a Superbowl run. He's at his best in the playoffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.T.56 View Post
    i wonder if they drafted cousins because they felt like something like this could happen.

    With RGIII's style of play you need a good backup. Keeping him healthy will be a challenge in his career. Especially if he doesn't slide.

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