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All I see is threads ripping the Giants defense. Here are facts for you the NY Giants defense is ranked 8th this season in Scoring defense. U can complain about yards all you want but bottom line is points thats all that matters. The Giants have done this playing the most difficult schedule in the NFL as well by the way. I really have no problem playing bend and dont break, The problem is when someone breaks from the design and they give up the big play. If u stop the big plays U win end of story.Everyone complains,comparing this team to other era Giant defenses. Im sorry but u cant compare a team from 86 to now, The rules are different the play calling is different.Lets compare the Giants defense to the other NFL teams this season okay. I see 3 teams that have good defenses Seahawks,Bears and 49ers everyone else is up and down and Believe it or not the Giants have had more ups then downs. They have played well since the by 2. The Redskins,Packers and Saints are 3 of the best offenses in the NFL and the Giants held everyone of them well under their season average for points. So everyone that is crying why dont u stop for a minute and check around the rest of the NFL before embarrassing yourself
Been saying the same thing. To many people get caught up with the stats that don't matter. Points is what matters and they are 8th in the NFL with points allowed. Look at the teams that are better and they are all very close with the exception of the 49ers. The defense allowed a whopping 6 points the the second bets offense in the league and a QB that has more passing yards and TD's than any other QB in the league. They allowed a two TD's in a game they where up big in, still the game was not over, but one of those came after an interception. Then some will say yeah but that was only because of turnovers. Lol. Like they aren't a part of the game.