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Thread: Giants' Defense Still Peaking

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    Points allowed is of cousre a huge factor. But come the playoffs you can always rely on turnovers and a big offensive performances. I would like to see some of their other numbers get better. Like stoping the rush and not letting so many huge plays up.....
    Im assuming you meant "can't", in which case i completely agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    Absolutely. I'm not saying they are playing lights out defense. Just not nearly as bad as some are making it seem.
    Exactly. I am expecting "lights out" playing from the D when we are in the playoffs.

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    Will Hill and Stevie Brown are making a HUGE difference. Usually we get sacks. But our dline is aging and clearly not what they once were. Hill stripping balls and shutting down elite TE's, and Brown putting himself in the right position time and time again (some guys have IT and Stevie has IT). The new playmakers are here and whoever discovered them is looking pretty good right now.

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    Also, don't forget that the Skins scored on a fumble converted to TD play so the Giants D really only gave up 10 pts to the Skins. 20 to the Saints & 10 to GB. With all the BS 'safety" of the players, especially the QB & WRs, it's almost impossible to ask a D nowadays to hold offenses to under 17ppg. Even when you just push a QB down or hit a WR flush in the chest with your pads, you get flagged by these POS refs!

    As long as we score 28 a game & our D can hold the opponent to 20 the rest of the yr, I'll be a happy camper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    Wait just a minute. THIS is the thread you agree with? This is a P O S I T I V E thread. What happened during the hours of darkness?
    The trolls came out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
    The trolls came out!
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    It's more like "The Giants' Defense Still REEKING!"

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