I think it's dumb how someone is allowed to put III on the back of their jersey. The rules were changed specifically for Robert Griffin, as I call him, his name. If I remember correctly,before they changed the rules before this year, the rules were if there is someone with your same last name on your team, you can add your first initial. The only other Griffin on the Redskins is Cedric Griffin, so at best Robert Griffin should only be able to add an R to his jersey, so it would look like R. Griffin, instead of Griffin III. Maybe it's just me but the whole RG3 thing annoys me, when we hear Robert Griffin, we don't think of his dad or grandpa, we think of Robert Griffin the QB for the Redskins, the III is unnecessary.

Here;s an article with the rule change: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com...r-griffin-iii/ sorry, I don't know how to make it a link, you might have to copy paste.

I'm wondering your thoughts on this, I know this is old news but I just wanted to see if anyone else feels thie same way as I do because it annoys me so much.

Peace & Go Blue,