With RG3 being hurt are any of you surprised. My question is he is your franchise savior your draft basically and yet he has green light to run around all day and get crushed. How long do you think he will last in the NFL ? I am not saying dont be dynamic and all that. But seriously he will never play an entire season I am predicting kind of like Vick.

take off and run fine but 20 times a game is asking for it. Think your a defensive player out there and he runs all over your team and then you get that chance for a big hit, your going to crunch him. unless your the giants because you will blow him a kiss.

I have watched in games which I couldnt believe, I saw Patriots up by 25 points in the 4th quarter and Brady continue to drop back and pass on 1st and 2nd downs. I said all it takes is 1 harmless hit and there season is over. Not only that but in the same game it was 3rd and 1 with this 25 point lead and guess what the call was ?? QB sneak with Brady ?? can you believe this. There were probably 900 pounds or more on top of him after the play. Also they were in the other teams side of the 50. So you have 25 point lead, 3rd and 1 at around mid field and the call is qb sneak ?? can someone explain this. Why have a rb then.

Also I see this constantly with Rogers and you wonder why he has had so many concussions.

I am not suggesting taking the foot off the pedal by any means but some decisions made by these coaches has me cringing. I am glad we wouldnt put eli in any of these situations.

Anyone else feel this way ? or am I alone on this as usual.