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Thread: calling out chuck knoxx

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    calling out chuck knoxx

    Dear chuck: I really need ur pump up video to be the very best this weak....yes I show the wife and kids and we get pumped up....your videos are an inspiration across gmen nation and now this week we need you to stand up and give us the edge as fans this week....we are counting on video of the year to read Saturday....make us proud and no pressure....ordinarily I would say there is no bigger gmen fan than me but I will for this one year make way to you as you are hardcore my man...love ya me knoxxxxxxxxxx....western new York loves ya baby....the modern voice of the new York giants.....

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    His videos are ALWAYS the best!

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    Goonies never say die
    Agreed. Great videos
    1-OT Ryan Ramczyk
    2-TE Adam Shaheen
    3-DE Demarcus Walker
    4-RB Samaje Perine
    5-QB Joshua Dobbs
    6-CB Marquez White
    7-LB Ben Boulware

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    Agreed. Great videos

    Where is he. I need my fix. Beeen searchig alll day for highlights

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    SEND YOUR VIDS TO THE GIANTS LOCKEROOM!!!! They need to see them as well. As fans getting all pumped up can be BAD when your team falls flat on their face on national TV. Talk about highs and lows. I think someone could build a really great rollercoaster if they just watched our games! As long as the superbowl is right before the ride ends!!!

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    He has a facebook page, which I visit quite often. Awesome videos.

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    Really great vids but not entirely child friendly With the fbombs flying around.

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    calling out chuck knoxxx. im pregnant. it's yours.

    jk i love the videos too

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    Quote Originally Posted by appodictic View Post
    Really great vids but not entirely child friendly With the fbombs flying around.

    My kids are 13 and 12 and 2..they know the use of the word and the way of the world.....I make sure they underatand....thiese videos use profanity in the context I personally fimdbto be ok...we are not raising point dexters in our house and certainly not negetive membersbto society either.. For the way we have raised them they are nothing like me yhank god...lol..nngo gmen is all i.can says.....make our christmasbojce againbmerry please

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    Quote Originally Posted by nygfan90 View Post
    His videos are ALWAYS the best!
    No one remembers who came in second.

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