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Thread: Thoughts on David Baas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PBTimmons View Post
    I'm no expert on salary cap and hits but AFAIK the only salary cap penalties for cutting a player are his bonuses. Baas has workout bonuses each year of his contract for 250k. Cutting him after this season would then result in 750k cap penalty. Well worth it considering his 2013 cap hit alone is 6.2 million.

    Sacks alone do not determine whether an offensive line is good. Eli himself is a big reason for this. A more telling statistic would be amount of QB pressures allowed.
    Wouldn't cutting him accelerate his signing bonuses as well? Those alone wouldn't make him likely to be cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    I have a feeling our run blocking is more due to Hynocerous coming into his own and the signing of Bennett, as well as Beatty (which as other posters have pointed out to me was a second rounder). Locklear was helpful too until he went down.

    As for the sacks allowed count, I'm putting that all on Eli and his godlike pocket presence. There's still defenders free in the backfield on damn near every play...
    This is getting annoying. Certainly Eli has really great pocket awareness BUT he doesn't offset a *bad* offensive line (especially considering how long he holds the ball). If you want to say our oline is *average* in pass protection (which I wouldn't agree with) and Eli makes up the rest, I could understand that sentiment.

    And our run blocking got better last year when Beatty went out for the season and was replaced by DD at LT and Boothe at LG.

    I agree that Hyno and Bennett only aid in our run blocking scheme but I have a feeling that our RBs have something to do with it as well (AB losing steam, the sudden emergence of Andre Brown, David Wilson's success last game, etc ...).

    I'm not exactly a David Baas fan (far from it) ... but statistically speaking, he's been playing much better than last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gmenbroinlaw View Post
    Wouldn't cutting him accelerate his signing bonuses as well? Those alone wouldn't make him likely to be cut.
    If we cut Baas his cap hit would be $2.45mil in 2013 (6.725mil if not cut), and 2.25mil (7.225mil, 7.475mil) in 2014 and 2015. So about $7mil in dead money over the next three years.

    The Giants restructured his contract this year so I highly doubt there is an accelerator.

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    Where do you start... Hate to play the money card however,. Eli has to make up for the state of his line. Baas will never deliver his salary, neither will DD, he'll never be what he once was, and just because snee is related to the head coach doesn't make him special, or does it? For his play he's over payed. The line has become " servicable". Beatty has become the best player up front, quietly protects eli sometimes struggles in run blocking, as the entire O line does. I agree with other posters regarding the answer. Two early rounders in the draft and another couple of veteran pick ups. Don't try to fix it with FA's. Take the hit and re-build the line where needed. Give Eli & Co. some good old fashioned power football. Go Giants!

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    instead of cutting him how about gettig him to play better. He is still a good player and any player can get better if they want to work hard enough.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    I think Beatty was 2nd round, but I agree, next year the offensive line needs to be addressed early....within rounds 1-3.

    Most recently, I think Reese wasted that pick on Jernigan....it was like he was forcing a correction on his Sinorice Moss pick by replacing him with Jernigan.

    The Giants have a QB in his prime, surrounded by young receivers, and if Wilson continues to develop, this offense is basically begging for the offensive line to be restocked.

    I think it was Parcells who said he was always shocked by how quickly a player can go from NFL-capable to over the hill. The point is the Giants can't just wait for players to be past their prime.....they need guys who are pushing the veterans right now, not a few years down the road.....and this goes for pretty much everyone on the offensive line right now.
    Sinorice Moss was an Ernie Accorsi pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    instead of cutting him how about gettig him to play better. He is still a good player and any player can get better if they want to work hard enough.....

    That and since we restructured him, we're going to be stuck with him at least two more years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayMas9 View Post
    Sinorice Moss was an Ernie Accorsi pick.
    Reese was director of player personnel and evaluation.

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    Baas is doing just fine.

    I don't think we need to blow up the Oline in the off-season, that would be extreme. But I agree we could definitely use some upgrading.
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    What was Brewer? Third round? Or was it later?
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