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Thread: RB/TE Situation

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    RB/TE Situation

    Here's my list of WR, RB, and TE:

    WR Wes Welker
    WR Pierre Garcon
    WR Larry Fitzgerald (on can't cut list)

    RB Knowshon Moreno
    RB Stevan Ridley
    RB David Wilson
    RB Deangelo Williams

    TE Heath Miller
    TE Martellus Bennett

    I know that Welker and Garcon are pretty much the only WR I can start (I still wish I could cut fitz). So my question is, between RB and TE, what should I select to fill 2 RB, 1 TE, and one Flex spot?
    Andre the Giant

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    I'd probably go Knowshon, Ridley and Wilson. Flip a coin for TE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Empty View Post
    I'd probably go Knowshon, Ridley and Wilson. Flip a coin for TE.
    Lol, the 22 club. (all 3 of those RB wear #22). As for TE I think im gonna go bennett. I'm going to fly or sink with my team.
    Andre the Giant

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    RidleyMorenoWelkerGarcionWilson in the flex

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    TE - miller- Big Ben's go to guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by PennState1 View Post
    TE - miller- Big Ben's go to guy
    Yeah, he royally screwed me over last week against SD.
    Andre the Giant

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    Wilson could have a big game here, I wish I'd started him. The Falcons' run D is bad.

    I opted for Bryce Brown over Wilson due to Bradshaw's status being unconfirmed prior to Thursday kickoff. Yeah, that didn't work out so well.

    Serves me right for trusting an Eagle in the playoffs, I guess.

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