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    prince and kp out, giants going to need 52 again


    prince and phillips out is huge. i have a hard time believling they'll be able to stop the falcons. the offense is going to have to outscore the falcons, and even that will be hard with bradshaw out.

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    Don't overreact. We've been without Phillips for a while and I am one who thinks Hosley can play. Sash has hardly played any how.

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    r.white has a sprained knee and even if he plays aint gonna be himself. not worried. hosely has looked good in practices according to PF

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    i'm just thinking of the secondary play overall. it hasn't been good when everybody's been healthy, and without prince it'll get tougher. the packer game is the only game where they've played well. i still think the giants can win, but it'll be tough.

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    If we stop kicking field goals every time we're in the redzone we'll be fine - even with all the injuries.

    It's safe to say, the defense has be consistent all season. They're bad, give up a lot of yards, but they usually hold teams to about 20. It's up to our offense to score enough touchdowns. 5 FGs isn't enough. Convert just one touchdown and we'll be fine.

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    I'm good w/ SB being back there and even if White can go he'll be slowed down by his knee. We need Webby to come out and play ball. He's the question mark, Sunday. Go, Webby!!!

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    For those worried about Corey.

    Besides that one blown play on Jordy Nelson, Webby played great the rest of the game. Picked off Rodgers too.

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    Prince and KP out is a big blow but we have capable guys backing them up so we shouldnt see much of decrease!

    if theres any game we need secondary coverage its this one! i think the Giants are up to it tho!

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    Actually we only need 21 points. The Giants are 8-0 this season when scoring at least that amount!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahh View Post
    Don't overreact. We've been without Phillips for a while and I am one who thinks Hosley can play. Sash has hardly played any how.
    Hosley was my favorite draft pick, so know, ur not the only one who thinks he can play.. But being able to play and stepping in as a starter against Julio Jones is 2 totally diffrent things.. Its extremely bad news that Prince isn't gonna be out there.. Lets hope Hosley is up for the task, whcih down the line i think he will be, but i'm not so sure hes ready quite yet for such a big task..

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